Happy Attendees = A Successful Event!

We collated some feedback from our exhibitors, visitors and delegates, and here’s what they had to say about IoTshow.in 2017


Paresh Vasani, Managing Director, PCB Power (Circuit Systems India Ltd)

“We have been participating in EFY event since its inception. They are improving every year and we are looking forward to participate even next year. What I like more about EFY is their transparent way of attending customers, supporting customers in the media write-ups and editorial coverage and their huge reader base, which allows us to showcase our products online for print media as well. Lot of things are there with respect to the expo that are going in the right direction and we are very happy with it.”

Muralidharan, Marketing Manager, Arrow Electronics India

“This show aims at spreading the message for connectivity related area, lighting and embedded reference platforms. We have showcased all the wi-fi global connectivity and microSD cards and. The kind of customers visiting the area seems to be very specific who have specific need and knowledge and I am happy that we have received a lot of leads from the connectivity related area.”

Ganesh, Country Sales, Quectel

“I have connected with EFY since last 5 years, since the time EFY started this exhibition. There are various things that has benefited me for my business like we get lot of leads. It can also be looked as a platform where we meet lot of customers. Many of them are our existing customers but we also get lot of new customers. Since 4 to 5 years I have seen lots of improvement  have happened and the event has become bigger. I just wish that the efforts continue in the right way and that I will continue to be associated with it for long and I wish you great success.”

Ramchandra, Director, Maxsemi

“We are the participant of this IEW. The response specifically for IoT is more. Good number of customers are coming and the coverage from EFY is also good.”


Mrs. K. Ratnaprabha – Addl Chief Secretary, Govt of Karnataka, Commerce & Ind Dept.
“I compliment EFY, ELCINA and other organizers to have put together such a great show and I wish them great success for the event.”
Lt. Col. Ashutosh Verma, Directorate of Indigenisation, Ministry of Defense
“It was excellent organizing by EFY. Online appointments were very useful, one could plan them properly. However, the seller -relevancy was not as expected. I met close to 20 sellers in 2 days time.  These interactions were very useful .To say in one line; it was a great event as usual!” Nandha Gopala Krishnan R., global supply management Asia- rm, Electronics & Fasteners Commodity-India, Stanley Black and Decker IncKudos for bringing together different shows/expos in unified IEW 2016. Well organised Buyer-Seller meet. It was very well conducted by your executives who are always available with a smile to help. Thanks and best wishes for all such future events.”


Prashant Singh Garhwaliya, sourcing, Panasonic Automotive (India)

“Thank you for inviting me for such a great opportunity. The Buyer-Seller meeting as usual was very well organized. I am very fond of EFY for making continuous efforts to improve the event. I wish you all the best for all future assignments and look forward to get invited for all such future meetings.”

Shanaka Perera, purchasing manager, Variosystems (Srilanka)
“I have been participating as a VIP buyer at this event from EFY since 2012 and this is my third time.You have done a great work by organizing such big events. During the summit I was able to grab more about the future of Indian Electronics Industry that can help me to plan our future staffs.During my last visit I was able to meet a lot new potential vendors and currently most of them are working with Vario. Also, this is a good place to meet our existing vendors.all the best for EFY and wishing a best of luck to organize more successful events in future.”

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