Venue: Located inside IoTShow.in and India Electronics Week 2019, at the Workshop Hall Aryabhatta, KTPO, Whitefield, Bangalore. (Google Maps)

Date: 26th Feb 2019 , Time : 10:30 – 13:30

By Gokul P Deshpande, CEO, c/mos processors. (Speaker profile), Sivakumar R and Moses Mhankale

Industrial IoT in India has now crossed the Trough of Illusion. We have solutions which are perfected. At CMOS and HMS Networks we have a dream product FLEXY for collecting Machine data through Legacy / Green Field / Brownfield Controllers and pass it on to the cloud.

Gokul P Deshpande, CEO, c/mos processors.


The Workshop will expose the attendee to Technology. The attendee will be able to connect to a field device, do the programming for reading the data from the device. Create WEB HMI. Process the Data and Transfer to the Cloud using MQTT.
The major bottleneck for IIoT has been getting Data from Machine. This workshop will make attendee overcome this issue.

Subtopics covered

  • PLC Protocols
  • Edge Connector
  • MQTT

Note: Participants to bring their Laptop for the workshop. All the required files
will be downloaded in their Laptop.