Alex Jojo Joseph

Alex Jojo Joseph

Program Director - IBM Watson Internet of Things Development


Program, process and people management professional; Engineer and Designer with demonstrated track record of working on IBM Internet of Things, Smarter Cities Platform, IMS Telecom Networks, Software as a Service, Distributed Computing Systems, and System Software.

Experienced in managing operations of Product Development, specializing in large scale enterprise IoT, Smarter Cities, Telecom and Traffic management customers.

Strength in enhancing collaboration and synergy between business, development, and product management organisations to improve time-to-market, reduce costs and enhance the quality of product offerings.

Skilled in content mapping and budget control for software product development within Waterfall, Iterative and Agile development environments.

Proven ability to forge solid relationships with global teams, business, leadership and customers to define requirements, design roadmap, resolve issues and ensure the release of key software products.
Creative problem-solver with a passion for development and innovation.

Presently associated with IBM Watson Internet of Things Product Development, with the India Software Labs.