Jai Niranjan

Jai Niranjan

Co-Founder, Inov Robotics and Founder of Bloom Academy.


Jai Niranjan is a technology entrepreneur, engineer, educator, and researcher. He comes with over 5 years of experience from various industries. Having completed his Masters in Microelectronics from a German University, he started his career as a design engineer in educational robotics for which he also designed STEM activities based robotics curriculum which aligns with maths and science’s syllabus of the CBSE. He started off with designing circuits for simple automation and advanced to developing complex logics for IoT and industrial automation.

Jai Niranjan founded Inov Robotics along with 4 other partners having a similar background and interest in Robotics and Drones. Today Inov Robotics manufacturers and assembles various automation solutions ranging from customized robots to agricultural drones to many clients.

Jai Niranjan spends quality time researching and identifying solutions that the current technology could provide. He has identified a major solution that will solve the problems which present education system is facing. He is bringing out this solution in the form of an Ed-Tech named Bloom Academy.

He is currently developing products based on IoT for home automation with a team recently formed in Bangalore. Being a continuous learner, he educates himself from various MOOC platforms. He is also a skilled RPA solution architect and researcher in Machine Learning.