Neeraj Kumar 

Neeraj Kumar 

System Architect, Cloud R&D division at Huawei Technologies


Neeraj Kumar is a System Architect in the Cloud R&D division at Huawei Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. He received his Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2016. His doctoral research involved reduced-order modeling of large multi-scale, multi-physics dynamical systems, and computational mathematics.

Dr. Kumar has several publications to his credit in international journals and conferences and holds patents in wireless power transfer technology. He has won several best paper awards in international conferences including the 2015 IEEE-APS Ulrich L. Rohde innovative conference paper award in International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics, Hong Kong.

His research interests include distributed systems and algorithms for blockchain, AI/ML and p2p multi-agent systems (MAS), particularly game-theoretic aspects.