Intensive UX Design Course on IoT

Training Course: UX Design Intensive Course: How to make world-class products while preventing the typical mistakes people make in India

Time: 11:00 to 16:00 (break from 13:00- 14:00)

Date: 28 Feb 2019

Venue: Conference Hall C, KTPO, Whitefield

Description: Great engineering. Brought to its knees by amateur UX design. Yet most decision-makers including CTOs, product heads, project managers, team leads, engineers, business-domain specialists, and even design folks don’t know what went wrong, or why a product has limited success or is failing. Even if any of these have studied some theory of UX Design and Design Thinking. Here are the top mistakes Indian tech firms tend to make, and how to avoid them.


  • How to ‘Get out of your own way in India‘ to design for the world
  • How to move a decade ahead and be in sync with global design trends
  • Design for IoT and ‘physical computing’: Through the lens of UX Design blended with Design-Thinking
  • Redefine Input > Process > Output, using Design
  • How and why to bring in Emotion in design.
  • The top mistakes in UX content. How to de-mark them.
  • Wrap your head around affordance, hicks, fitts.
  • Your user-persona is not you 🙂
  • Design for forgiveness
  • Some more topics may be added or deleted depending on the availability of time and the interest and context of attendees.
  • Design-thinking needs a little more than just thinking. How to use #PureDoing
Key Take-Aways
  • Participants arrive six-cylinders roaring at work the next morning, with immediate ideas to kickstart a revolution through Design at their office.
  • They immediately see how and what can do to further improve the success of existing products and services
  • The understanding of Design will help them bring down silos and walls within their organisation between teams
  • They’ll get to speed up their workflows. Significantly.
  • Design Hygiene principles applied to their design will help them make design less amateur, more professional
  • They’ll have fun in this UX Design workshop.
Audience Prerequisite
  • Profile: Anybody involved with strategizing or building a product: in IoT and/or software
  • Typical: CTO, Product-Head, Product Lead, Project Manager, Engineer, Business Domain Specialist, Design team, Co-Founder, and anybody who wishes to understand UX Design blended with Design-Thinking from zero to one.
  • Language: English-literate
  • No prerequisite in design required

Speaker profile

Niyam Bhushan, UX Design Professional, Design Thinker, Industry Veteran, Professional Trainer, Founder DesignRev.in (Speaker Profile)

Multi-disciplinary creative professional with over 33 years of vast and diverse experience in Design and Design-Thinking. Driven with the vision and passion to transform India into the super-hub of Design in the world. Founder of DesignRev.in with this vision. Conducted over 41 Design workshops across 8 locations in India within 4 years. Worked with top global, international, and prestigious clients in the design of enterprise software and large-scale projects, including on IoT based projects. Helped and mentored over 200 startups. Consulted in over 20 industry verticals including Telecom, Fintech, IT, Media, Publishing, Travel, Health, Parenting, Education, Ecology, etc. Focused on bringing world-class Design, and Design-thinking based innovation. Industry consultant, jury, and expert on Design through various NASSCOM initiatives. Combine deep and ongoing research with advanced skills and techniques, all for the creative aha! moment.

Niyam is also delivering a talk Parenting Insights at IoTShow.in. Check it out here.