What’s unique?

What’s Unique?

• It’s Big: The only expo-cum conference being held at a large scale in India. Other IoT events are typically 1 to 2 day conferences, in India. IoTshow. in 2017 had 200-plus industry experts share their knowledge with 3000-plus delegates!

• Focus on Creators: The only event that has a strong focus on the Creators of IoT solutions, which include: electronics design, embedded systems, software development, productenclosure design, cloud, analytics, system integration, et al.

• Business Opportunities Multiplier: Thanks to being held as part of India Electronics Week, various co-located events such as Buyer Seller Meet, Innovation Zone, CEO Summit, LEDAsia, EFY Expo, etc—you benefit from the multiplier effect with respect to networking and business opportunities.

• Start-up India: A special zone to promote and show case works of IoT start-ups of India.