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Inviting Experts to Share Knowledge & Speak

In 2020, is doubling down on its goal to become the hub for technologists focused on designing, prototyping and launching IoT products.

Our community at the event celebrates, explains and demonstrates the power of the Internet of Things, embedded systems, electroincs and other technologies that enable the rapid design, test and prototyping of IoT solutions.

We invite you to join us as we bring together India’s largest collection of engineers, developers, and users hailing from small focused design teams to large enterprise groups.

Where do we come from? Our conference started as a tiny 600-footfall community conference in 2012, going by the name of Electronics Rocks. Within four years it grew into India’s largest, most exciting engineering conference, and was awarded as the most important IoT global event in 2016 by Postscapes.

Almost 10,000 excited delegates (techies, design engineers, developers, entrepreneurs, investors) flew in to be part of this event at India Electronics Week 2019.

Now to take this legacy a step further as a revolutionary platform for influential technologists, we are gearing up for the fifth edition of this mega event.

Venue: Karnataka Trade Promotion Organisation (KTPO), Bangalore

Date: 13-15 February, 2020

Got an amazing learning to share? If a 30-minute talk isn’t enough, then consider proposing a 3-hour or all-day (6 hour) workshop to dive even deeper.


  • IoT & Electronics Tech Track: Latest Electronics Hardware Design for IoT Devices
  • IoT Tech Track: Latest COMMUNICATION technologies & solutions for IoT
  • IoT Tech Track: Latest SOFTWARE DEV & IT INFRA solutions for IoT-Cloud Solutions
  • Electronics Tech Track: Designing ENERGY EFFICIENT Products: Challenges & Solutions
  • Electronics Tech Track: The Amazing World of SENSORS
  • Careers Track: What’s Hot & What’s Not in IoT, Electronics & Embedded?
  • Embedded Tech Track: Latest OS & S/W Dev Tools + SECURING Your Solution
  • Embedded Tech Track: Latest H/W and Dev Boards
  • CXO Summit: PROFIT from IOT for Creators & Solution Providers
  • IoT Tech Track: Building Solutions & Technologies for IoT Edge
  • Academia and R&D Track: Producing Industry Ready Engineers + How Important Are the LABS?
  • R&D Track: Enabling and Accelerating IP Development & Deployment
  • R&D Track: What’s New in Rapid Prototyping and Desktop Manufacturing Solutions?

Please submit original session and tutorial ideas that leverage your technology passions. Proposals should include as much detail about the topic and format for the presentation as possible. Detail matters; vague proposals face an uphill climb. Share with us WHO you are, WHY you’re excited about the technology you want to talk about, and WHY we should get excited about seeing you speak.

If this interests you, feel free to reply to submit your proposal or nominate those whom you believe to be excellent speakers.

Submit your proposal here

Proposals will be accepted for the following type of sessions:

  • Speaking sessions are for 30 minutes – these should give attendees a crisp answer to thorny questions being faced today in the speaker’s theme of choice
  • Workshops are for 3-hours – these should give participants hands-on, practical, in-depth guidance in using new technologies that are critical in today’s era.
  • Knowledge partner – If this is of interest to you, our marketing team will brand your company as a knowledge partner. This includes print, online and on-site promotions. To get more benefits and pricing details, let me know of your interest and I will redirect you to our marketing team who will customise an offering for you.

This year, we aim to provide attendees with more practical, hands-on learning experiences that ensure that delegates’ return home with relevant, actionable plans to improve their dexterity with IoT. So, we encourage you to propose topics that are sync with this goal.

Wish you the very best!