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FAQ: IoT@India Awards

Q. How can we participate in these awards?

A. It’s simple. You have to file nomination(s) for your best projects. You can submit a maximum of 3 projects.

Q. Is there a nomination fee?

A. Yes, there is. You’ll need to pay a nomination fee of Rs 10,000 (plus GST) for every project nominated. Each player can submit up to 3 nominations in a year. So, if you’ve deployed many–select your top 3 and nominate them.

Q. Who can participate in these awards?

A. Any organisation based in India (even of an MNC) which has deployed an IoT solution in India or abroad, and the solution is deriving tangible benefits for the customer.

Q. How old can the IoT deployment be? Can we nominate a Proof of Concept (PoC) project?

A. The project should have been fully deployed anywhere after Jan 2018 and till date of submission of your nomination. No, we are not accepting nominations of PoC projects.

Q. Is there a format to submit nominations?

A. Yes, there is. You can submit your nominations, and once our team has checked details and found them to comply with our basic requirements, they will share an Invoice with you and enable payment for the nominations filed.

Q. Can you share an indication of the type of information solicited in the nomination form?

A. Sure, here’s a sample list…

  • Category: {Region] + [Category of Solution] + [Scale of Customer]
  • Client: Name of client (organisation) where solution was deployed (you can opt to not name in public)
  • Client’s Contact Person: Contact details of client’s key contact person for our jury to verify
  • The Challenge: Key challenge of customer that you resolved through your solution
  • Proof of Success: Any proof of confirmation of the customer that the challenge has indeed been resolved (in absence of the same, we will require the permission to get this confirmation from the customer)
  • Duration: Date when project started, and ended
  • Tech Selection: List of solutions/stacks used for this solution
  • Top 3 Technologies Selected: List of top 3 technology stacks/platforms selected along with reason for selecting those
  • Your Team: Name and details of your key team members (Max 5) who spear-headed this project
  • Financial Success: What’s the estimated RoI or CTO of this project? Any savings at the customer end that can be shared?

Q. What if I am not allowed to name the customer in the public domain?

A. Not an issue, you can mention that to us. We will not mention the name of the firm, but will only use describing statements like “A leading steel OEM based out of Kolkata”.

Q. How can we make the payment for nominations?

A. You can pay online at OR else send a cheque/DD to EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd, D-87/1, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1. You can also NEFT us on the following details:

Bank Name: HDFC Bank Limited

Branch: D-23 Defence Colony New Delhi-110024

Account name: EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Bank Account No: 01342000017209

IFSC Code: HDFC0000134

MIRC Code: 110240017

BSR Code No: 000134

Swift Code: HDFCINBB

Q. What’s the deadline for submitting nominations?

A. All nominations must be fully submitted by 5th of February, 2020.

Q. What are the different categories of awards?

A. Being the first initial of awards, we may modify and fine-tune the categories based on submissions received, but for now, we have finalised the following categorisations for IoT@India

  • Regional: North, West, East, South, National or International
  • Application: IIoT, Logistics, Energy Management & Conservation, Automotive, Building Management Systems, Smart City, Agriculture & Husbandry, etc
  • Type of Customer: SME, Enterprise, Government, Academia

TIP: You can thereby choose any suitable combination of these categories to submit your nomination. Some examples include:

Example 1: East + IIoT + Enterprise

Example 2: South + Smart City + Govt

Example 3: West + Energy Mgmt + SME

Q. What about National Level awards?

A. You do NOT have to nominate for those. The best across all regions for specific categories will be awarded the National Awards.

Q. Can you get the Regional and National Awards for the same category?

A. No. If your deployment is selected for the national award, then the next best deployment for that region will be awarded the Regional Award.

Q. Regional Awards are based on location of the Solution Provider or the Customer?

A. Regional awards have been designed to recognise and reward the brilliance of regional players, who typically operate in the same region as their set-up, thus these awards will be decided on the basis of the location of the HQ of the solution provider, and not the location of the customer/deployment.

Large organisations with National Presence will automatically qualify for National nominations.

Q. Will nominations be rejected too?

A. We hope not. But, if we receive nominations with limited details or not worth reviewing, then we will reject them and refund the money of the nominee.

Q. What if the category you seek is not represented amongst those listed above?

A. Please do let us know at, and we will try to review with our experts and come back if the same can be included or not.

Q. What are the benefits associated with nominating for IoT@India Awards?

A. If your nomination is not rejected, then you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Your nominated project will be featured in a future issue of
  • You firm will be awarded a Certificate of Recognition for being a nominee for IoT@India Awards for the specific category.
  • Permission to use Logo of IoT@India Awards Nominee in your marketing material.
  • VIP Pass for two persons, for the Profit from IoT Conference to be held on 14th of Feb, 2020 at 2020 at KTPO, Bengaluru.
  • VIP Pass for two persons for the IoT@India Awards, for every nomination filed. Hence, if you file three nominations, you will get six passes.
  • You can invite your customers or business partners to the award functions.

Q. What are the benefits associated with winning IoT@India Awards?

A. The primary benefit is recognition of the good work done by your team. Plus, you will get:

  • The award trophy
  • The rights to use the name and logo of Winner of IoT@India Awards
  • The rights to use the photo of awards ceremony
  • Opportunity for your leadership to be interviewed by our journalists for website
  • Mention, and photo, in the story featuring IoT@India Awards in and websites
  • Mention in Press Release announcing winners of IoT@India Awards
  • VIP Pass for two persons, for the Profit from IoT Conference to be held on 14th of Feb, 2020 at 2020 at KTPO, Bengaluru.
  • VIP Pass for two persons for the IoT@India Awards, for every nomination filed. Hence, if you file three nominations, you will get six passes.
  • You can invite your customers or business partners to the award functions.

Q. If I have not filed a nomination, but still want to attend the awards function for networking–can I?

A. Our first priority will be to seat our nominees and their guests, and our VIP guests including members of the jury and eminent speakers of (conference & expo).

If we still have seats available, then we may announce sale of Networking Passes at a fee of Rs 10,000 (plus GST) per person on 20th of January 2020.