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Faster Time to Market for Electronics/Embedded/IoT Product Development

Faster Time to Market for Electronics/Embedded/IoT Product Development

This workshop covers various techniques to increase the speed of the product design and development by means of simulation along with giving a detailed view on complete electronics/embedded/IoT product design cycle. A real time case study of one product will be discussed with live demo for the interest of participants of the workshop.

Speaker/Instructor: Naveen Kumar, Founder & CEO, Emtech Foundation and Narang N Kishor, Mentor & Principal Design Architect, Narnix Technolabs Pvt Ltd.
Date: 14th Feburary 2020
Time: 03:15 PM to 05:45 PM
Venue: Workshop Hall B, KTPO Trade Centre, Bangalore.
Fee: Rs. 2,999/- (Limited seats available)

Objective of the workshop

To learn and understand the design cycle of an Electronics/Embedded/IoT product step by step.

Who can attend this workshop?

All engineers and hobbyists,who are at beginners stage in the electronics/Embedded/IoT product development.

What all will be covered in the workshop

  • The Complete design cycle of product development
  • Simulation of various parts of the product design
    • Analog Design Simulation
    • Digital Design Simulation
    • Microcontroller (8-bit/32-bit) Simulation
    • Simulation of Sensors
  • Approaches to choose suitable components for the product under design
  • A product demo with real case study of faster product design cycle

Benefits/Takeaways of this workshop for the attendees

  • To be able to understand the overall product design cycle
  • Various methods to do faster design and development
  • The techniques to do testing and validation of product design
  • Get to know various simulation tools and techniques

Pre-requisites to attend the workshop

Engineering background with knowledge of C/Embedded C programming will be prefered.

About Speakers

Naveen Kumar is a post graduate electronics engineer with 15+Years professional experience in the areas of Training,Product Design,Development

Kishor is Technology Consultant, Mentor & Design Architect in Electrical, Electronics & ICT with over 40 years of professional experience in education, research, design and consulting. Over 30 years of hardcore Research and Design Development Experience in Solutions, Systems, Products, Hardware, Software & Firmware (Embedded Software) in fields of Industrial, Power, IT, Telecom, Medical, Energy and Environment, and over 10 years of Consultancy Experience to different segments of business & industry. He has over 250 Research & Design Mentees in the Electronics, ICT & STI Ecosystems. Professionally, he is an Electronics Design Engineer practicing design & development of a wide spectrum of Products, Systems & Solutions as an Independent Design House – NARNIX since 1981.

Naveen Kumar
Founder & CEO, Emtech Foundation

Narang N Kishor
Mentor & Principal Design Architect, Narnix Technolabs Pvt Ltd.