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Bharath G

Lead Educator | L&T Technology ServicesGlobal Engineering Academy, L&T Technology Services.

About Speaker

Bharath is Lead Educator at L&T Technologies Services, working with Global Engineering Academy (GEA) unit. He has 7+ years of experience in Firmware Design and development of end-to-end Medical and IoT products. He leads initiatives to align graduate engineers to industry needs with industry practices of teachings and learnings. He leads competence development team to enable employee up-skill and reskill focusing Medical and Life sciences Business segment and System Software needs of organization. His technical expertise include programming ARM based controllers, RTOS, Embedded Linux, sensor and actuator integrations, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi and design of low power embedded systems, schematics design, CI/CD workflows and automations. He is a fitness and sports enthusiast interested in Yoga, Meditation, cycling, trekking and swimming activities.

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