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Cloud Predictions for 2023 and Beyond

Talk Abstract

Easy Prediction: Cloud is going to grow Easy Prediction: Sustainability will be a priority Easy Prediction: Multicloud Rules: Terraform, Kubernetes, Data Bricks

Other Predictions:
There will be a clear No 4 Cloud Platform Chasm between Demand and Supply for Cloud Skills will remain More Innovative SaaS products from Developing Countries Security and Networking will remain Top 2 Skill Gaps
Container First
Cloud First
Data Engineering will be transformed
Machine Learning
DevOps will get a new name
Self Learning is the Key
Mindset: Technology Change is an Opportunity Assured Open Source Software (AOSS) service will take over
Batch Programs will be LEGACY
Low-code/no-code will take over

Presented By


Ranga Karanam

Founder | in28minutes