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High Power Applications - Power Device choices, selection, design options, Thermal Management Basics

Talk Abstract

Introduction to the topic
Typical Power Electronics Circuit Elements – Choices
Device Types and Operating Range
IGBT Types and their performance
MosFET Trends & Implications
IGBT vs. SiC in a Nutshell..
TO-247-3L vs. TO-247-4L (with Kelvin Source)
Thermal Design Basics
Thermal Impedance and it’s importance
Thermal Capacitance and Junction Temperature Rise
Transient Thermal Performance and Reliability
Effect of Heat sink Choice on Device Performance Effect of TIM Material Choice on Device Performance
Simple, Passive Heat Pipes
Heat Pipes and Fully Enclosed Systems
Summary and Conclusions

Presented By


Vijay Bolloju

Founder | GyanTrek Freelance Network