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Enabling India as the next hub for electronics manufacturing

Talk Abstract

Talk will discuss we are seeing in the market shaping the future of electronics manufacturing:
- Circuit packaging: Need for customized embedded systems design to suit changing form, fit, function.
- Advanced materials: Performance and efficiency is driving search for Silicon-alternatives. Gallium nitrides and Nano carbon composites are promising viable options.
- Additive manufacturing: 3D printing is providing perfect solution for intricate designs which can be termed as “Printed electronics.”
- Organic electronics: The use biodegradable polymers have seen increasing trend for meeting ESG goals of the firms.
- Advanced health equipment needing sophisticated functioning and decision making.
- EVs and SDVs needing sophisticated embedded systems compared to ever before.
What are the solutions to address the above: latest technology options such as IOT, Augmented Reality, Quantum computing, Edge, Industrial AI, Robotics, 5G to cater to the above needs. We will talk about some of these examples.

Presented By

Sudipta Saha

MD, Industry X, Accenture