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Harnessing the Power of Edge Computing: Training and Deploying Tiny Neural Network with Open Source Tools

Talk Abstract

1. Introduction 1.1 Overview of the Workshop 1.2 Introduction to Edge Computing 1.3 Understanding Neural Networks
2. Open Source Tools for Edge Computing 2.1 Overview of Open Source Tools 2.2 Detailed Exploration of Selected Tools
3. Training Neural Networks 3.1 Understanding the Training Process 3.2 Hands-on: Training a Neural Network using Open Source Tools(Google Colab)
4. Deploying Neural Networks 4.1 Deployment Strategies for Edge Computing 4.2 Hands-on: Deploying a Trained Neural Network to BharatPi
5. Case Studies 5.1 Successful Implementations of Edge Neural Networks 5.2 Lessons Learned and Best Practices 6. Future Trends in Edge Computing and Neural Networks 7. Q&A Session 8. Conclusion and Closing Remarks

Presented By


Naveen Gopalakrishna

CTO | Bharat Pi