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Practical exploitation of zigbee-class networks with USB-based RF transceivers & open source software

Talk Abstract

NOTE: All the software we use in our IoT workshop are free and open source. We do not use any paid software tools..

"1. Deep Armor performed extensive research on this topic, when we were working on the security assessment of an actual client solution. In the absence of good, repeatable material, we learned through trial and error, reading blogs, talking to experts and so on, and eventually compiled this material. In other words, what we have is very novel.

2. We will demo live attacks against IoT Networks using USB-based hardware boards and open source software. This should be very useful to IoT security analysts who can use such tools for their daily job.

3. In addition to practical attacks, we also teach how to defend IoT systems from attacks against confidentiality and integrity. We discuss challenges with incorporating crypto into IoT architectures, and practically approaches to “good enough” security.
" Table of Content
1. IoT Architecture & Intro to IoT Security
2. Security Paradigms for the Building Blocks
3. Securing Wireless Protocols
4. Hacking Zigbee-style (802.15.4) Wireless Sensor Networks - Handson
5. Security Development Life Cycle for IoT
6. IoT Security Best Practices

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Security Analyst at Deep Armor