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Revolutionizing Chip Design: The RISC-V and VLSI Innovation Journey

Talk Abstract

1. Introduction to RISC-V and VLSI Chip Design
o The Evolution of Chip Architecture
o Overview of RISC-V's Role in Modern Computing
2. Part 1: From Apps to Machine Code: Demystifying RISC-V
o Translating High-Level Languages to RISC-V Machine Code
o Exploring the RISC-V Architecture and Instruction Set
o Hands-On Lab: Using RISC-V GCC Compiler and Assembler
3. Part 2: The Art of Chip Design - Verilog RTL to GDS Conversion
o The Process of Converting Verilog RTL to GDS
o Simulating and Synthesizing RISC-V Processor Code
o Hands-On Lab: Floorplanning, Placement, Routing, and Physical Verification
4. Part 3: Programming the VSDSquadron RISC-V Development Board
o Step-by-Step Guide to Board Programming
o Installation of PyFTDI Library and RISC-V Toolchain
o Hands-On Lab: Flashing and Testing the VSDSquadron Board
5. Conclusion: The Future of RISC-V and VLSI Design
o Recap and Key Learnings
o Future Trends and Developments in Chip Design

Presented By

Kunal Ghosh