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Talk Abstract

Introduction (5 minutes)
India's chip import numbers, need for self-sufficiency in chip design Complexity of chip design, why it is hard to build a chip from ground-up Proprietary ISAs impede chip design innovation
Intro to RISC-V (10 minutes) Basics of RISC-V: Brief history, open-source nature, modularity, and flexibility. Comparison of RISC-V with traditional proprietary ISAs: advantages in cost, development, and customization.
Emerging trends of RISC-V adoption in various sectors India's RISC-V Potential (10 minutes)
India's strengths in IT and engineering talent, fertile ground for chip design innovation.
Government initiatives like the Digital India RISC-V (DIR-V) program and their importance in fostering the ecosystem. Potential applications of RISC-V in key Indian sectors like automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, defense.
From Potential to Reality (5 minutes) Role of Government: incentivise a robust RISC-V ecosystem and increase adoption Role of Academia: talent development for RISC-V Role of industry: experiment with RISC-V based designs Role of professionals and enthusiasts: How to get started with RISC-V Conclusion (5 minutes)
Recap the potential of RISC-V in driving India's chip aspirations and its strategic importance for national development. Call to action for the audience to join the RISC-V movement and contribute to making India a global leader in chip design.

Presented By

Neel Gala

Co-Founder & CTO | InCore Semiconductors