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Sign up to get benefits worth Rs 10k!

Great, you’re now on the page that will help you claim this special offer for working professionals in engineering.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: sign up for a Community pass (available free at this link) to and India Electronics Week 2024

Step 2: attend the event on 31st January 2024 at KTPO Whitefield, Bengaluru

Step 3: and you will automatically get access to the following benefits:
1. Stream Intel’s Generative AI Performance Workshop (available to stream for 6 months)
2. Full-day conference on “Upskilling to Meet Global Needs” (2 Feb 2024)
3. Full day conference on “Startups & Business Growth Opportunities” (1 Feb 2024)
4. Full day conference on “Global Hub of Electronics Engineering” (31 Jan 2024)
5. And a Tech eBook bundle! (available to download for 6 months)


BONUS: Use the code COFFEE to get 5% off on any paid conference pass (in addition to the benefits above).