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See you all at EFY Conferences this year!

Dear Esteemed Event Delegates,
I hope this message finds you well and thriving, in your pursuit of engineering excellence. 
We’re sure that you’ve noticed by now that India Electronics Week and IoTShow aren’t mere conferences; they are vibrant hubs of exploration, innovation and discussion centred around an expo for the creators of IoT
They offer something far beyond the conventional – a chance to be part of conversations that shape the future.
The true essence of these conferences lies in the discussions that ripple through the audience. As you listen to experts and visionaries, you are not just a passive recipient of information as you’d be when watching a webinar. Here, you become a part of a larger dialogue, a conversation that extends beyond the boundaries of formal sessions.
But the magic truly unfolds after these sessions. Imagine having the opportunity to approach the speakers, the very individuals who are at the forefront of our field. Engaging with them directly bridges the gap between ideas and their practical application. It’s in these truthful, unscripted interactions where learning is most profound and personal.
This is where you, as Indian engineers, can shine the brightest. Your unique perspectives, rooted in a rich heritage of innovation, can contribute significantly to these global discussions. Your participation is not just an opportunity for personal or professional growth; it’s a chance to represent the vibrant potential of Indian engineering on a world stage.
I encourage you to embrace these conferences as platforms for growth, networking, and inspiration. The future of engineering is being written in these very conversations, and your voice is a crucial part of this narrative.
Looking forward to seeing you at the KTPO Convention Centre on 31st January, as we journey together towards a brighter, more connected future.
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Warm regards,
Dilin Anand