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Web Bluetooth: How your browser can become an IoT Gateway?

Web Bluetooth: How your browser can become an IoT Gateway?

Web Bluetooth allows web developers to communicate with smart BLE devices. The workshop explains endless opportunity & possibilities in Web Bluetooth & how it acts as gateway for IoT world.

Speaker/Instructor: Sooraj Sanker, Lead Software Engineer IoT, ITC Infotech
Date: 13 February 2020
Time: 03:15 PM to 05:45 PM
Venue: Workshop Hall B, KTPO Trade Centre, Bangalore.
Fee: Rs. 2,999/- (Limited seats available)

Objective of the workshop

The Workshop is indented to share more idea about Web Bluetooth and its possibilities.

Who can attend this workshop?

Any IoT Developers/ Technical Enthusiasts

What all will be covered under this workshop?

  1. Web Bluetooth Introduction and basic connectivity demo.
  2. Thinking Web Browser as an IoT Gateway, Pros and Cons.
  3. Gateway beyond Protocol Converters (Bluetooth to any protocol which supports a web browser)
  4. Edge Analytics Possibilities (TensorFlow JS, anomaly detection and critical controls (and its risks), enabling Browser/Web analytics for IoT data)
  5. Bidirectional Communications (Different Protocols, socket connections, etc.)
  6. PWA support, offline storage, Avoiding data loss by enabling offline support.
  7. Web Bluetooth BLE- Tokenized Web authentication.
  8. Authentication based on Location (Geo Fenced Authentication)

Benefits/Takeaways of this workshop for the attendees.

  1. Reference and code samples

Pre-requisites to attend this workshop


About Speaker

Sooraj Sanker has started his career as a student entrepreneur. He worked mainly on developing mobile applications, web applications, IoT & IIoT Solutions, smooth system designs, optimising front-end/backend performance, Cloud Solutions, etc. He has played a key role in migrating an enterprise IoT solution from a Platform to all open-source tech stack. Currently, he is working as a Lead Software Engineer at ITC Infotech India ltd.

Sooraj Sanker
Lead Software Engineer IoT, ITC Infotech