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Practical exploitation of zigbee-class networks with USB-based RF transceivers & open source software

1st Feb - 2024 | 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM

Venue: Workshop Hall A, KTPO, Whitefield, Bengaluru, India

FEE: ₹2999 (Limited seats available)
> Special Price for Standard Pass holders: ₹2699
> Special price for Pro Pass holders: ₹299 only

Rahul U,

Security Analyst, Deep Armor


Security Analyst, Deep Armor


Security Analyst, Deep Armor

About Speakers

Rahul is a Security Analyst at Deep Armor. He is skilled in penetration testing of mobile & web applications and IoT products. Rahul has worked extensively on several IoT topics, particularly focusing on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) security. He is well-versed in security-testing communication protocols and network services using the Peach or Protocol CE Fuzzer. Rahul has been part of the core technical team from Deep Armor that conducts corporate training. Rahul regularly speaks at local and international security conferences.

Puneeth is a Security Analyst at Deep Armor. He is skilled in web application security assessments, network security and digital forensics. He has worked on several projects in cybersecurity. Puneeth has a Masters degree in Cyber Security.

Ananya works as a Security Analyst at Deep Armor and has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She specializes in overseeing penetration testing for various platforms such as web, Android, and iOS applications. Additionally, she possesses proficiency in DevSecOps practices and scripting. Ananya has been a speaker at conferences like Web 3.0 2022, IOT Show 2022, and CyberjutsuCon 2022.