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Talk Abstract

Deep Armor offers a hands-on workshop for security assessment and ethical hacking of Internet of Things (IoT) protocols, with a special focus on Bluetooth/BLE, and Device - Mobile communications. Students will learn to use a highly capable wireless testing hardware kit, along with open source software to perform packet-level sniffing and analysis of Bluetooth protocols. We will provide custom 'pcap' files to each attendee, and work with those pcaps to hunt for user-sensitive and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Experience the fun of breaking crypto - use open source tools and encrypted 'pcaps', extract the encryption key and decrypt to reveal sensitive user data. Students will also learn about the weaknesses in consumer IoT devices (wearables) when paired with mobile ecosystems (Android & iOS) — how information theft is scarily easy, and what steps can be taken to harden these designs. We will use readily-available market hardware and a simple malware application (developed by Deep Armor) to steal users' personal and personally identifiable information from fitness trackers. Hands-on packet capture analysis, code, and log walkthroughs are planned for this activity.

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Security Analyst | Deep Armor